Dealing with Maskne ✨✨




Hi everyone! I’ve missed you all. This past year has been extremely overwhelming to say the least. Going from having to wear face masks on a daily basis to being inside most of the time has been a crazy change for a lot of us. I myself have been struggling with acne from stress and wearing cloth masks from around October of last year until now in March of 2021. It has been wild and frustrating and I have been getting a lot of messages from women telling me that they are going through the same thing, so this blog post is to tell you all what I did and hopefully it helps you as well!

At the beginning, I believed that using different products was the cause of my acne. I was exfoliating more to get rid of the bumps that were around my chin area, and even applying charcoal masks to try to detox my skin. I was doing that for a while and nothing was helping. I tried double cleansing, making sure my face was nice and clean and still to no avail. When I had tried literally everything I could think of, I decided it was time to go to a Dermatologist. Full disclaimer – I have never been to a dermatologist in my whole life until now lol. My skin used to never break out, only hormonal at times, so I never really saw the need to go see a Dermatologist. Upon setting up my appointment, she asked what products I was using and examined my skin. She prescribed two creams to me that would help with the acne and would get my skin back to normal.

Products I am currently using ✨

The creams my Dermatologist prescribed me are Metronidazole 0.75% and Tretinoin 0.025%. I was instructed to use the Metronidazole in the AM and the Tretinoin at night time after I cleansed and applied toner to my face. The first week or so that I started using the creams, the area around my mouth started getting a little dry which is a common side effect of the tretinoin cream. It is meant to hep the skin by irritating it at first which I know sounds counterintuitive. It helps reduce inflammation, fades dark spots, prevents your pores from getting plugged up and exfoliates the skin. Although it is my first time hearing about this cream, it has actually been used for 50 years for acne. Its similar to Retinol which I am sure most of you have heard of, in the sense that they both derive from Vitamin A but Tretinoin is most commonly referred to as Retin-A. It is a synthetic form of Vitamin A whereas Retinol is a natural form of Vitamin A and Tretinoin is more powerful. I only use half an inch or less of both creams daily. The Metronidazole cream I love because it leaves my skin not feeling oily which it usually is. It has a mattifying effect almost and glides on really smooth.

I have been using those two creams, but I also went back to using minimal products or back to basics I should say. I realized that using two many products at a time was overwhelming for my skin.The other products I am currently using are Cerave Face wash SA (Salycilic Acid), Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner (alcohol free, aloe vera formula) , Glossier’s Solution, and Steli Cosmetics Face Melt as my moisturizer. The mask I have been using that has helped with my dark spots post acne is the Gleamin Tumeric and Aloe Vera mask. I first saw it on Instagram and followed up on their website to their reviews and they were all really good. My best friend gifted me a jar for Christmas and I have been using it every two days since then. It has helped immensely! I definitely recommend it for anyone struggling with uneven texture or dark spots.

So all in all, I have been using the products I have mentioned above since around December and my skin is almost back to normal. I have also since going into the dermatologist, stopped using cloth face masks and reverted back to using the surgical face masks. The cloth masks trap humid air when you breath in the mask and although I was washing them daily, they still were not helping my acne. That plus the regimen I have been doing has helped a lot. I would say that if you are struggling with acne, you are not alone! Also try to go back to the basics and use minimal products first. Avoid using too many new products, one at. time for a few weeks. If that doesn’t work then set up an appointment with a Dermatologist to assess your skin issues and develop a regimen that works for you. I hope this helps at least a little bit and as usual if you have any questions DM me at @kandykillsss or shoot me an email on here! Love you guys and talk to you soon.


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